Refocus is a resource…it’s a journey…it’s an experience that we are creating for our Middle School families --- Refocus is intentionally designed to assist students and their families in several ways.  


Yes, it’s personal spiritual growth.  It includes intentional daily sessions designed to facilitate interaction between students and their families.  Many of the sessions can be completed in 7 minutes or less.  Some sessions include activities that go beyond 7 minutes.  Refocus is packed with personal devotional content that includes practical life skills specifically geared for Middle School students.  


Recognizing the variety of our unique learning styles, the daily sessions are communicated in ways that connect with “your particular learning style.”  It’s an online tool, but it’s designed to be printed out (if you so choose) so you can utilize its content even when you aren’t online.  


Our walk with God and our worship of God are two of life’s most priceless treasures and we want to help students in their daily journey alongside our King.


Refocus will be launched from our Middle School webpage. Each week, you can expect at least 4 days worth of content for students to interact with....(Day One, Day Two, Day Three and so on).  Content will also be archived so individuals can access previous sessions and videos. 


To access this week's Refocus, click here.

For downloadable, printable PDF's in the Refocus Archive, click here.


Some of the content in Refocus will be located on, which means you will need an account on their website. For instructions on setting up an account via the church, read below.

Rightnow Media:


Right Now Media is an online streaming library with thousands of Bible Study Videos and Biblically-based content for men, women, and families, as well as great shows for the kids.  Think of it as "a Netflix for Christian Bible Study."   Maybe you are sitting at home wanting to spend some quality time in the Word as a family, but not sure where to start.  Rightnow Media is a great resource with an extensive selection of Bible study material, video elements, devotionals, and more.


Setting Up an Account:

If your Middle Schooler (or you) has a cell phone with a mobile phone number (not just an iPod only using only an iCloud email address), then follow these instructions:

  1. Text “rightnow tlcnc” to 41411. Make sure there is a space between rightnow and tlcnc.
  2. You will receive a text that states: “Welcome to RighNow Media!  Click here to get started” 
  3. Click the link provided.
  4. Fill out the information to create an account.
  5. You’re in!

If your student doesn't have a cell phone, then you can send an email to Mike or Billy, and put "Rightnow Media + your email address in the subject. Then,

  1. One of us will send you an invite from Right Now Media.
  2. Check your email inbox.  Note: If you do not see an email from Right Now Media, check your spam or junk folder.
  3. Open the email and click “Get Started.”
  4. Fill out the information to create an account.
  5. You’re in!